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Past Projects

Wood Innovation Grant

Burned area near Eiler Lake

Granted by the U.S. Forest Service Wood Innovation Grant, several key preliminary planning and preparing steps were completed toward the realization of the Bioenergy Cluster Project. 

Hat Creek Enhancement

Project partners survey Hat Creek

During the last century, this 4000' stretch of the Hat Creek had been channelized into a linear ditch to accommodate for agriculture and grazing. Our design will bring the channel back to its historic valley low with increased sinuosity and  flood plane connectivity.

McArthur Swamp

McArthur Swamp on a clear day

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) donated 4,491 acres at the McArthur Swamp to the Fall River Resource Conservation District (RCD), followed immediately by the RCD’s donation of a permanent conservation easement to Ducks Unlimited (DU). This newly protected acreage at McArthur Swamp is located just north of the town of McArthur in eastern Shasta County. 

Burney Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Burney Mountain

The Fall River Resource Conservation District led the charge through the facilitation of a public meeting and subsequent meetings to establish the Burney Fire Safe Council.

Maps were developed to identify and prioritize critical human infrastructure, inhabited areas, high-risk areas, and natural/man-made barriers. An evacuation plan and map was provided during this stage.

Past Projects

Burney Mountain

Discover more about the many projects the Fall River Resource Conservation District participated in during the years 1999-2010.

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