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Burney Basin Fire Safe Council

Collaborating to develop projects and events that make Burney and the surrounding communities more fire resilient. Even if we prevent just one fire from starting or spreading through the town of Burney we have accomplished our goal. 

Together we can make a large impact. Join Us.


Defensible Space

One of the best ways to make your home fire safe is to create good defensible space. Trim branches that overhang the home, porch, and deck and prune branches of larger trees up to 6-10 feet from the ground. Replace mulch in the immediate zone with non-combustibles like

crushed stone and gravel. 

Reduction Program

Our residential fuel reduction program has been in operation since 2019. This program has helped divert and incredible amount of fuel from our communities. Click the buttons below to learn about free programs that you may be eligible for.  If you need help connecting with someone who is able to do defensible space yardwork, please view our contact sheet.

Closeup of freshly cut logs

Wood Heat for those in need

This program looks to help individuals with disabilities and elderly community members with free wood to heat their homes. Fuels will come from private and federal land fuels treatment projects and sponsored by

individuals or businesses. So far over 30 local families have been helped by this program.

In All Vehicles
In Shasta County

Don't let the fire get away from you!

Help prevent wildland fire by being prepared!

Hundreds of thousands of fires start by vehicles each year resulting in hundreds of lives lost, thousands of injuries, and between one to two billion tax dollars.

-National Fire Protection Association

the annual
fire safe

The Burney Fire Safe Council will be hosting an educational community meeting to learn more about the various ways that you can protect and fortify your property. Please stay tuned for current meeting dates. In the meantime please review our 2019 and virtual meeting.

forest health

The Fall River RCD will attempt to achieve funding to execute existing or neglected forest health projects on private and public land to increase the health and resiliency of our forests. Steps will also be taken to identify and plan new projects.

fire safety
for houseless

In 2021 The Burney Basin Fire Safe Council conducted a survey for individuals experiencing homelessness. The goal of this survey was to learn more about what we can do to protect this community and the town of Burney against wildfire caused by cooking and camping outdoors in town.

This project is ongoing with long-term solutions in the brainstorming phase. To learn more about the survey and proposed recommendations, please view our report. 

Burney Fire Safe Council; Burney Fire Protection District, Shasta County, CalTrans, Pit River Office of Emergency Services, Sierra Pacific Industries, Fruit Growers, Shasta County S.O, USDA NRCS, Tri-Counties Community Network, Shasta County Health & Human Services, CalFire, Fall River Resource Conservation District, PG&E, U.C Extension.

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