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The Intermountain area has ample opportunities for waterfowl and big game hunting. Zones X1, X4, and C surround the Fall River Valley.

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The Fall River Resource Conservation District is implementing a hunting program for the McArthur Range Management area starting this fall.  All persons interested in hunting on lands owned by the RCD and commonly referred to as the “McArthur Swamp” will be required to obtain a permit and have it in their possession while hunting.  Permits can be purchased at the the McArthur Mart.  Cost is $55.00 for the season for hunters age 17 and older.  Youth hunters, age 16 and under, are permitted for free when accompanied by a valid permit holder.  Two day permits can be purchased at a cost of $30.00 and one day permits are available at a cost of $20.00.  Shooting days are Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday and all California Department of Fish & Wildlife laws and regulations apply.  Hunting permit is not limited to a specific species and is valid for use on multiple species throughout the year as allowed by law.  All permit hunters will be required to sign a release of liability and will be provided with a map of the area.  This area is an active cattle grazing area and the use of high powered rifles is not allowed until all cattle have been removed from the area.  It is the intent of the RCD to improve the hunting on the area and your permit fees will be utilized in this manner.  Trespassing hunters will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  More information is available by calling (530) 336-6591.   

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