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Kayaking & Canoeing

Baum Lake is a renowned, and year-round, trout fishing lake that is frequently stocked with brown, rainbow, and brooke trout. No motorized boats are allowed at Baum Lake, making any occasion quiet and peaceful. Numerous Osprey call Baum Lake their home, and are among the best fishermen at the lake. 

Fishing Baum Lake

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park is the jewel of places to kayak. Words cannot describe this location and it’s a must see and place to explore. Kayak through Horr Pond and into the headwaters where Jashee Creek rushes into the lake from calm and clear springs. 

Ja She springs at Ahjumawi Lava Springs park

Big Lake & Horr Pond

For fishing and bird watching, Big Lake offers visitors an experience like no other. Rich with wildlife and teeming with fish, Big Lake is scenic and vast. Big Lake also serves as a hub for other InterMountain waterways, such as Horr Pond, Ahjumawi State Park, and the Tule River. 

Explore the northern shoreline where clear cold spring water emerges and feeds into the lake. 

Hobie kayaks on Horr Pond

Fall River

One of North America's largest spring fed systems, the Fall River is a world renowned fishery providing a perfect home for wild brook and rainbow trout. Upper Fall River is one of the most pristine spring-fed rivers in California and considered among the top fly fishing locations in the world! Kayak upriver until you reach the navigation limits and from that point you can see the famous Rainbow Springs! Basking western pond turtles, swift flying wood ducks, and nesting great-blue herons are some of the sights along this route. And yes, the careful eye can see the beautiful wild rainbow trout in the crystal clear water.

fall colors on Fall River

Hat Creek

Hat Creek is considered a world renowned fishing destination. The Hat Creek route will take you through a highly pristine riparian corridor lined with Ponderosa pine, Oregon and black oak, and willow species. The creek is crystal clear and shallow in some places, allowing clear views of the substrate and occasional obsidian flakes and points. 

fall colors at Hat Creek

Water Access

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