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Ways to Support Us

There are a number of ways to support the work at the RCD. By donating you will be contributing to the millions of dollars leveraged on forest health and agricultural restoration projects occurring throughout the region. Here are some ways to donate:

  • Check or Credit Donations

  • Monthly Giving

  • Gifts of Stock

  • Matching Gift Donations from Companies

  • IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts


For more information, on which donation would be best for you please contact Sharmie Stevenson at: 

View overlooking the Fall River Valley forested area

WUI Work

Building resilience in and around the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) is a vital priority for the RCD. Lowering wildfire risk around our communities involves developing new and maintaining old strategically placed fuel breaks and reducing fuel loads in order to control wildfire spread. The RCD has leveraged over $6 million to protect our communities in the last year and expects to prioritize this more moving forward. 

A reforrested plot of land

Wildland Work

The RCD has a long-established partnership with many companies, organizations and agencies to promote forest and ecosystem health for the entire region in areas beyond the WUI. To date, the RCD has leveraged over $10 million to restore our beautiful landscape.

Cows in a field

Agricultural Work

The RCD is committed to maintaining the working and natural lands in the region whether that is through working directly with landowners or ensuring that the headwaters and rivers are healthy.  Promoting and assisting local Ag producers within the District has been and continues to be a priority to the RCD

Why Donate?

Your donation supports our work to restore forest and watershed ecosystems, monitor watershed condition, and continue to collaborate with land forest and agricultural land managers to protect our communities from wildfire. Cash donations support a variety of things, including monitoring equipment, environmental field trip busing and supplies, office technology, or staff time. Donations of goods and services are also welcome; we would love to learn more about what you are able to offer.

But don’t you receive funding from the government to do your work?

Less than 20% of our annual operating budget comes from County property tax income. The remainder of our budget comes from competitively-sought grants, contracts, and donations. This grant funding is used for District on the ground implementation projects and education efforts. However, to ensure a continuous load of restoration work in the region, donations will help the District become more self-sufficient and be independent from its reliance on grant funding to support operations.  

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Fall River RCD.

RCDs are authorized by California Public Resources Code Section 9403 to receive gifts and contributions like any other research, education, or public charity. Contributions to RCDs are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 170(b) and (c)(1), up to 50% of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income. RCDs may accept all forms of contributions, including but not limited to gifts, services, property, cash, stocks, and securities.

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