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Camping & Backpacking

Ahjumawi State Park offers visitors a sense of solitude and primeval charm. Camp grounds have pit toilets, fire rings, and a picnic table. Please bring plenty of food and water, and pack a water filter for back up.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park

Lassen National Park is home to steaming volcanic fumaroles, beautiful mountain meadows, clear lakes, and snow covered peaks. Visitors have the opportunity to summit the peak and backpack to secluded wilderness areas. On a hot summer day, venture down to Manzanita Lake for excellent fishing, floating, boating, and swimming, with stunning views of Lassen Peak. 

View of Lassen in Lassen National Park

Thousand Lakes Wilderness is a relatively small wilderness area with stunning lakeside campsites and views of Lassen and Shasta Peaks. There are four ways to enter the wilderness; Tamarack trailhead is the choice of many, as it leads you gradually through a burnt forest (wild flowers in the spring) to Eiler Lake. Cypress Trailhead is a shorter distance, if you are traveling to Crater Peak or Magee and Everett Lakes, but is a nonstop climb for two miles. Magee and Bunchgrass Trailheads are under-utilized and can offer hikers more solitude, but can be more strenuous and overgrown. 

Magee Lake in Thousand Lakes Wilderness

Surrounding Mt. Shasta, the National Forest is home to numerous campsites and day use areas. 

Mt Shasta

Our Favorite Spots

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