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Past Projects


Lower Beaver Creek

This planning project would address restoration and enhancement needs along Lower Beaver Creek, one of two major tributaries to the Pit River in the Fall River Valley. Restoration efforts would improve overall water quality and stream function. 


Harlow Meadow Restoration Project

Funded by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The proposed project will build upon past efforts to reduce sediment and reconnect the stream with the meadow hydrology at this location.


Burney Hat Creek Community Forest Project

Funded by the Federal Assistance grant. Project to conceive, plan, and implement a community forest concept project in the Hat Creek and Burney Creek watersheds of Shasta County. 


Big Bear Flat Restoration Project

Funded by Fish and Wildlife Service. Implement "pond and plug" stream and wetland restoration principles to a severely eroded, mile long meadow system that is a tributary to one of the premier wild trout fisheries in CA. The purpose of this project is to restore the functionality of approximately 400 acres of effected floodplain within the Big Bear Flat Meadow. 


Beaver Creek Restoration Project

Draft project plan for irrigation water management and stream channel improvements at Beaver Creek Ranch. The plan shall include actions to improve water use efficiency, reduce channel erosion, improve aquatic and riparian habitat, and improve livestock forage. 


Upper Big Bear Restoration Project Phase II.

Funded by the Cantara Trustee Council. Bear Creek and Cold Creek culvert replacement. 


Day Bench Community Fuels Reduction Project

Funded by Lassen National Forest.


The Fall River Restoration Project

The Fall River Restoration Project is an integrated effort let by the Fall River Resource Conservation District to implement short and long term improvements in water quality and aquatic/riparian habitat in the upper Fall River watershed, with a particular emphasis on improvements to the Bear Creek drainage. This project was funded by a State Water Quality Control Board grant.

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