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Wood Innovation Grant

What this grant accomplished:

  • Crucial planning of multiple facilities for the Bioenergy Cluster Project including bid-ready civil drawings accounting for grading, foundations, water supply, wastewater management, transportation access and fire management.

  • Received approval from applicable county departments including the building department and fire marshal for engineering drawings.

  • Based on the results of the Detailed Study Process, completed electrical engineering drawings for the project.

  • Received approval for applicable county departments and PG&E for the electrical engineering design.

  • Determined final site preparation costs estimates based on the engineering documents.

  • Prepared electrical engineering documents for PG&E Detailed Study Process.

  • Completed PG&E's Initial Review, and if applicable the Supplemental Review.

  • Completed the Detailed Study Process for applicable projects.

  • Provided for regular meetings with local project developers and and potential collocated enterprises to disseminate relevant information.

  • Successfully communicated the project to the public through the use of various outreach campaigns.

Site Specific

  • Civil Engineering - Grading Plan (HC BioE)

  • Mechanical Engineering - Site Plan and Plan View of Thermal Oil Heater (HC BioE)

  • Structural Engineering - Structural Tower Drawing (HC BioE)

  • Electrical Engineering  - One line and three line drawings of Hat Creek

  • PG&E Interaction (Burney-HC BioE) - PPA Signature Page and System Impact Study

  • Air Permit Engineering (Burney-HC BioE) - Emissions analysis

  • Permit Fees & Environ Comp & Legal Fees - EIR

  • Electrical Engineering (Tubit Ent. Project) - Application acceptance by PG&E

  • Electrical Engineering (McArthur Project) - Application acceptance by PG&E

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