Burney-Hat Creek Basins Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project Monitoring

Monitoring Briefs

The Effect of Forest Thinning on Pond Breeding Amphibians

Does Fire Maintain a Mosaic of Bunchgrass and Bitterbrush in a Mesic Meadow System?

Monitoring Vanilla Grass Response to Overstory Removal

Does Fire Promote Lodgepole Establishment in a Mesic Meadow System?

Monitoring Wildfire Effect, Phenology and Longevity of Baker's Globe-mallow

Wildfire Risk Within the Burney Hat-Creek Basin

Managing Hydrologic Responses to Forest Management Treatments

Seasonal Changes in Ponderosa Pine Water Source Depth and Impacts of Forest Thinning

Investigating the Effects of Post-fire Salvage Logging on Soils in the Southern Cascades

Impacts of Forest Thinning on Understory Microclimate

Impacts of Forest Thinning on Radial Tree Growth in Large Ponderosa Trees

Masters Theses

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