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Bioenergy Cluster Project Timeline

Project Kick Off Meeting - 1 February 2018

Education and Outreach - 2017-2020

Finalize Subcontracts - March 2018

Recruit and Develop a Technical Advisory Committee - April 2018

Execute Site Contracts and Develop Measurement and Verification Plans- May 2018-May 2019

Bioenergy Equipment Installation and Commissioning- 

May 2019 - March 2020 

Operation, Data Collection and Analysis - March 2020-June 2020

Technical Advisors

Todd Sloat – Forest Creek Restoration, Inc.

Alan Nelson – Land Vest, Inc.

Jeff Oldson – Beaty and Associates, Inc.

Pete Johnson – Retired Forester

Tom Esgate – Project Director, Lassen County Fire Safe Council & Pit RCD

Chris Christofferson - USFS Modoc National Forest

Grey Mayer - USFS Hat Creek Ranger District

Doug Lindgren – Owner/Operator Tubit Enterprises, Inc.

Sharmie Stevenson – Fall River RCD, Executive Director

Russ Hawkins – Owner, Del Logging, Inc.

Bio energy growth flow chart
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