Remembering Mike Millington

Michael J. Millington, long time Board member of the Fall River Resource Conservation District, departed this world on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.  Mike was loved by all who had the pleasure of knowing him and was an invaluable asset to the Intermountain community.  He was a man of impeccable character and was eager to help anyone with anything, giving countless hours as a volunteer to various group and organizations. Mike served his country as a Naval Submariner and later as a police officer. After retiring from a career in law enforcement, Mike, an avid outdoorsman, discovered the Fall River Valley.  Within a few years, he sold his home in Southern California and moved to a home along the Fall River. Mike took an interest in farming and started a farming operation on Archie Brown Road in the Glenburn area. In conjunction with River Ranch, he grew wild rice for a number of years. After his adventures as a farmer, he decided to get involved in community activities as a director of the Fall River Resource Conservation District. His passion for serving others was evident, he enjoyed contributing to his community and believed that the Fall River RCD was an area where he could utilize his expertise, which he did well. He served on the board for 12 years, Chairman for many of those years. Under his leadership, the RCD participated in the acquisition of the local PG&E lands as a result of the PG&E bankruptcy settlement. The following land was acquired by the district and Mike was the instrumental key to these transactions:

  • Acquisition of 4,491 acres commonly known as the “McArthur Swamp”

  • Acquisition of 465 acres referred to as “Fall River Mills Planning Unit Ag Unit”

  • Acquisition of 450 acres referred to as “Hat Creek Rifle and Pistol Club Property”

  • Awarded fee title to 1,612 acres referred to as “Burney Gardens”

Along with the land acquisitions, Mike wrote and received grants of nearly $1,000,000 for the RCD to preserve, enhance, and protect these properties. This land will be owned and managed in perpetuity by the RCD board for the benefit of the community. The day Mike passed away he called his friend, Jim Rickert. They discussed the legacy that Mike had left for the Intermountain Area and Jim thanked him for his unselfish contributions to preserve the working landscapes for future generations.

The Fall River Resource Conservation District Board and Staff wish to acknowledge the numerous accomplishments made by Mike Millington during his tenure on the board of directors.  Mike was extremely active and instrumental in promoting and developing the RCD into what it is today.  He will be greatly missed, thank you Mike for a job well done!


The Fall River Resource Conservation District (FRRCD) was organized in 1957 and consists of approximately 1.2 million acres in northeastern California, including parts of Shasta, Siskiyou, Lassen and Modoc Counties.


The mission of the Fall River RCD is to support private and public landowners in the use and management of natural resources that will ensure the sustained highest economic, social, and environmental benefits of these resources. This support is expressed through the coordination of public agency referrals and information, the implementation of natural resource programs, education, and the organization of land

management services. 


CDL Truck Driving Course moves forward at Shasta College

Sept. 15th

7 PM

Board Meeting


Funding for Forest Health and Fire Resilience Achieved

Funding for Fire Resiliency Achieved

The Burney-Hat Creek Community Forest and Watershed Group (Collaborative) and Burney Basins Fire Safe Council (BBFSC) have identified multiple restoration opportunities on public, state, and private lands to make increase forest resilience, accelerate reforestation of severely burned forests, and reduce the risk of future catastrophic fire impacts to both communities and natural resources. Forest thinning through the diameter class and other fuel treatments (e.g. mastication, prescribed fire) would be used to reduce forest biomass and surface fuels in order to reduce the risk of catastrophic fire. This reduction would help to protect tree-based carbon stocks, improve growth rates and carbon uptake of residual trees, and minimize greenhouse gas released in the instance of wildfire. In cooperation with many partners we have achieved funding through California Climate Initiative

 to implements these vital forest health projects.


Kayaking, canoeing and fishing the Fall River are spectacular this time of year. Plentiful wildlife, fish, and natural beauty make for a memorable summer day.

Currently in Fall River Valley

Summer temperatures bring clear sunny days, epic fishing, and water recreation to the Fall River Valley making for the perfect time to get out and explore.

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