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Proposed Projects

Wiley Ranch

The Wiley project is located in Siskiyou and Modoc Counties on the Lassen National Forest.  The project area has a history of large fires (Pondosa, Scarface, Day, Hors 4 Corners). The Wiley project treatments would be designed to improve wildfire, drought and disease resilience through thinning the stands using a variable density prescription, thinning of the plantations to reduce ladder fuels and density, prescribed burning of the stands to reduce surface fuels, black oak enhancement through reduction of competing species, improve wildlife habitat, improve hydrologic function in the project area by reducing conifer encroachment into the meadows and vernal pools, and protect archaeological sites. Improve the transportation system for implementation.  Timbered crater (which is a geologic site) would be improved for recreation. 

The RCD intends to pursue this project via partnership with the USFS and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Proposition 1 funding. Prop 1 funds multi-benefit ecosystem restoration and protection projects with focuses on planning, implementation, acquisition, and scientific study projects.

The RCD is seeking public comment on this proposed project. Please email us at

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